Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things I will never do . . .

Dress Alex in velvet knickers--even if it's for an expensive, Victorian portrait session to be displayed at the mall.

Attempt any kind of extended Cleanse/Detox/Organic/Vegan diet. I can only survive 6 hours without sugar and cheese. Also, I think Oprah's friends and associates should run for the hills until she's done with hers. Severely deprived people can be psycho.

Partake in any clothing (or undergarment) with clear straps. YOU CAN STILL SEE THEM!!!!!

Go to a movie without ordering a Medium Popcorn (with butter), Diet Coke, and candy.

Put a magnetic soccer ball decal on the back of my car. The mini-van is a statement all its own.

Wear a scrunchie in my hair (ever again).

Cook a veggie/turkey/tofu burger for myself. I don't care what anyone says, they are NOT real burgers.

Eat quinoa--whatever that is--even though FitSugar says it's the new cool vegetable. I say: there's no such thing.


Sarah Harris said...

Debbie, it's too bad the people wearing bras with clear straps probably don't read your blog.

On another note, I have tried quinoa recently and it's quite good. I don't think it's a vegetable though, but apparently it's a great source of protein. Do you like tabouleh? It's similar. (The texture of the grainy part is, not the flavor!)

Anyway, hope you're doing well!
Sarah Jo

Anonymous said...

i want to wager that you will end up with one of those soccer car magnets against your will. how much do you want to bet? :)

Meg said...

I'm in on this wager with Erica...

Boom said...

Oh,'re headed straight for that mini van whether you like it or not.

Those magnets we might be able to avoid. But the sleek remote controlled 6-seater mini van? It's inevitable.

Only those who are TRULY secure can drive one. Plus the total losers wearing denim jumpers. Okay, denim jumper wearers and the totally secure. But that's it.

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