Sunday, July 13, 2008

Playground Antics

Recently, David A. was in town briefly to bond with his niece and nephew. Actually, he came home to renew his work visa for China. After signing some documents promising to refrain from prostitution and dealing drugs, he hung out with the fam a bit.

The kids did not spare Day-Day from any of their endearing yet exasperating craziness. On this particular trip to the playground, you can see just a glimpse of the drama:

It all begins innocently in Grandma's wagon en route to the playground.

Look how sweet everyone looks!

At first, the kids play happily. They swing, climb and get along well.

But wait, is that sand!

It seems harmless, but you have to be alert to trouble . . .

Like certain people dumping sand on their sister's head. A definite no-no.

David then got to witness Time-Out in action. Alex assumes the position--to his credit, he is well skilled at Time-Out. His look is the adorable combo of guilt, sadness, and scheming to escape.

After 2 minutes, he dashes back to his precious trucks and all is right with the world again.


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