Monday, July 21, 2008


Alex is a very active, mischievous little boy who tests boundaries and limits wherever he goes. If there is a line, he must cross it. If he is told not to touch, he must reach out his sticky little hand. Lucky for him, he's exceptionally cute and can be surprisingly sensitive at times. He regularly gives advice, comforting words, and insights which are so adorable that I forgive the fact that he scaled the kitchen counter to grab the scissors out of the KNIFE block and tried to CUT HIS OWN HAIR.

I've recorded a few of our favorite Alexisms:

If I drive around a corner too fast: "Be swowy [slowly] mommy. Don't crash our car. It would be sad."

If I've asked him to stop whining, "Ok, mommy. I happy now."

If Sasha hurts herself, [In a sing-songy sympathetic tone] "Ohhhh, Shasha, it's OK. Here, I kiss it."

If he spies a very large object, "That's vewy HUGE!!!!!"

If he spies a small, fuzzy creature, "Awww. That's vewy CUTE!!!"

If something bad happens and he needs a hug, "Hold you mommy!!! Hold you!!!"

If he's particularly enthusiastic about an upcoming event (like school, popsicles, and the approach of the garbage truck), "YEAAAA! I E'CITED!!!!"

If he knows we're heading to his favorite restaurant, K&W: " I LOOOVE my Roast Beef!"


Leslie Ruth Petree said...

I want to come snuggle with him IMMEDIATELY. I told my sister about him and K-Dub. We've both agreed to call it that from here on out.

Anna said...

I just wonder...when he grows up and can make his own decisions about where to eat...will he still choose K&W/K-Dub? Let's be honest, he doesn't have much a choice right now. You've practically brainwashed him.

Leslie Ruth Petree said...

Anna, give it up. You will always be surrounded by friends and family who looooooove K-Dub. But we do promise not to make you go there when eating out together.

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