Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fortune Cookie Torture

So we went to PF Chang's tonight so I could eat my fave entree--Crispy Honey Chicken. The kids were pretty well behaved and loved their Chicken Lo Mein. Wisely, Nu told both of them that they would only get to eat the fortune cookie at the end of the meal if they did not throw any food.

Sasha was OK with this, but Alex had a hard time. He was born with an intense need to test food aerodynamics. At 2.5, he no longer drops a lot of food, but sometimes has to throw a piece or two at the end of the meal just to see them fly through the air. He really wanted a cookie, but couldn't resist launching a few Noodles from his plate onto the floor. (In his defense, noodles do have an interesting flight pattern)

At the end of the meal, we explained again why only Sasha would get the cookie and Alex's little face crumpled into utter despair. "I want a cookie! Mamma, please! PLEASE!" Sasha sat in her carseat double-fisting fortune cookies and went to work torturing her brother.

A: (looking at Sasha) I want to cookie!
S: MMMMM. . . cookie yummy. See, Awex? Yummy cookie.
A: (face crumpled and voice wobbly) Shasha, I want a cookie. Please. PLEASE!
S: No cookie, Awex. Throw food on the floor. Daddy say NO! No throw food on floor.
A: I want a coooooookkkieeeeeeee. (Sobbing, screeching, etc.)
S: (smugly) No cookie, Awex. MMMMM. Yummy. See it? (holds cookie in front of his nose) Nice cookie.

Where does she get such a devious little nature??


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