Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two more boys!!!!!

Yesterday at 11:30, our 2nd (and last) set of twins were born--Casey and Blake. We got to the hospital at 8am under strict instructions not to be late and not to eat or drink anything after midnight. I was starving by then, which made me extra bitter when some other pregnant lady cut in front of me in the OR. Something about an emergency-c-section--likely story.

After several episodes of WifeSwap and the Sopranos, we spent some time playing "Guess How Much That Costs" with all the tricked-out equipment in the Labor and Delivery Room. Nu won with his guess of 50K for the newborn-warmer-transconbobulator-ice-dispenser Machine.

At 11, it was finally OUR TURN and we had a very enjoyable C-Section. I've never aspired to a long and painful labor, so it is fortuitous that I have the Twin Trump Card and got to choose the planned-C. After a very effective numbing agent for me, the dr's worked quickly and delivered Casey first who wailed immediately, but was whisked away to the Flux-Capacitor-Warmer-Thingie in the other room to be harassed until the nurses found him to be cranky enough to declare healthy. Little Blake followed quickly and cried too although he was not deemed "cranky enough" at first and required extra pokes and prods to get him a passing grade. They finally found success by cramming noisy suction tubes into his nose & mouth which got him angry enough to get his own good Apgar score. Nurses 2, Boys-0.

The boys' first day of life has been blessedly uneventful. Our family and friends have come to meet the new Yamas and have brought us real food to help keep up our strength. I think hospital cuisine is like Airplane food. Some of it might be good, but I'm not going to risk finding out. I will say that our hospital does have a menu and takes special requests which I take advantage of--not for me, but for my Brother In Law. Noz loves anything under a covered blue tray and we order his faves and save it for his frequent visits.

Besides food, I have been nourished from a fabulous Intravenous-Narcotic-Happiness-Machine that provided me a steady stream of enjoyment until they pulled the plug this afternoon. :( On the upside, they will continue distributing little white pills of fun for the rest of the week.

The kids are eating well too, even if they are too young for the hard stuff. They've been a bit sleepy so each feeding takes a lot of prodding but they have both gotten the hang of it. For the next few weeks, their feeding is going to be a full time job for us. Because they love putting their hands in their mouth right before the food gets there, we have to pull some WWE moves to pin them down and cooperate. It's a two-person job right now, but I'm hoping to re-learn all those tricks where one person can feed them both at one time.

I hope to post again soon, but here are some pics from the last day:


Boom said...

I'm so happy to hear about baby Casey and Blake....they're here and everyone is healthy and cranky! Hallelujah.

: ) I can't wait to meet them!

Anonymous said...

can not wait to sneak away from my kiddos to come see yours - and you too!
love ya - carlye

Chris said...

Congratulations! I just stopped by from Diary of a Southern Drama Queen's blog and I really enjoyed your post! I remember my c-section and you were very brave!

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