Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mamma Mia!

OK, I saw this musical on Broadway and thought it was fun but not amazing. However, while watching Dancing With the Stars (don't knock it until you've tried the Paso Doble) I saw the trailer for the movie version.

It looks really good! Watch the trailer and see if you can guess why I am SO excited to see this movie.

Top Five Reason for Debo to see Mamma Mia:

5. Movie popcorn--smothered in synthetic butter, washed down by a bucket of Diet Coke (negating the calories from the popcorn)
4. Colin Firth--Yummy Mr. Darcy
3. Pierce Brosnan--Yummy Mr. Bond
2. ABBA songs in my head for weeks!
1. If Meryl's in, it must be quality.

PS. Dad is a huge ABBA fan. Be sure to ask him about the movie next time you see him.


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