Sunday, April 13, 2008

Things that should Go Without Saying

(Alex and Sasha Version, Seen above with their aunt "E")

10. Don't take broken, raw eggs out of the garbage can and try to eat them then throw them on the floor
8. Don't throw heavy objects at your sister, the window, Daddy's beloved Flat-Screen TV.
7. Don't put sand in your sister's ears on the playground.
6. Don't poop on Daddy's golf shoes.
5. Don't kiss random little boys at Sunday School (this one's just for Alex).
4. Don't put strawberries in your underwear during lunch.
3. Don't bite your classmates when they don't share their teddy grahams.
2. Don't prank-text Mommy's friends with her cell phone (just for Sasha)
1. Don't splash in the public toilet in the Mall Restroom!


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