Sunday, August 17, 2008

Opening Ceremonies recap

Since I was drinking milk during the Opening, I didn't exactly win the Drinking Gaame but I did avoid a headache the next day. I really enjoyed the drums, pyrotechnics, and am definitely going to get my own 500 ft LCD screen for my backyard next year.

There were so many awesome moments, but here are my favorites:

2008 Drummers
(in diapers according to E.)

Parade of Nations
(aka: International Fashion Disasters)

A white beret? Did the US think this was a golf tourney?

What is the purpose of that belt?
Man-pris! Turns out that Nu should maybe move to

or Denmark?
(note: not every man can pull off capri's)

Side note: When is it warm enough in the Swiss Alps or Scandinavia to wear short pants?

The Aussies apparently forged a river to get to Parade.

South Africa
Yo, Ben: What's up with your people representing themselves in CROCS?
I hope you're embarrassed because I am.

I think the Swedes stole this uniform from the food vendors at Busch Gardens.

And Japan.
Nu's people just LOOOVE that school-uniform/museum docent look.


Unknown said...

Unbelievable opening ceremonies. UK must be crapping in their pants. Their fireworks will look like me shooting bottle rockets from my street. Maybe they'll have the biggest fish & chips plate that will serve as the Olympic flame.

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