Monday, April 21, 2008

Beach and Wine

So I went to the beach with some friends and Nu braved the homefront alone for the weekend.

Highlights for Debo:
1. Bucket O' Margaritas
2. Sunbathing while drinking said Margaritas and reading about Beyonce's secret wedding
3. Fun restaurants with Pirate names along the lines of "Walk the Plank" or "Aargh ye maties"
4. Lots of junk food--cookies for breakfast!
5. Waking up without anyone yelling, "ALEX HAS POOP! ON HIS HANDS! HE'S EATING IT! HE'S EATING HIS POOP!!!!!!!"

Highlights for Nu:
1. Alex throwing rocks at Weaver Street
2. Kids baptizing stuffed animals in the toilet (they're very spiritual, you know)
3. Sasha hitting herself in the face when she doesn't get her way
4. Alex taking a dump on the living room floor and then somehow getting it on the family laptop
5. Nu mailing the kids back to "their homeland" in frustration

I think it was a fair trade-off, don't you?


Leslie Ruth Petree said...

Um, what's going on with Alex and poop? Wow.

Yes, fair trade off. Especially considering all those mornings, afternoons and evenings that you suffered through alone when Nu was playing on five million different sports teams.

Unknown said...

Thanks Leslie. What the freak are you smoking? Like Debo didn't enjoy watching TV and eating mac'n'cheese while I was out getting exercise.

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