Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meet Shashi-Mi

For the kids' birthday awhile back, I wanted to get a doll for Sasha. I found it at KMart while shopping for Christmas lights (why else would I be there?). Amid the poorly organized shelves and actively hostile employees, I spotted her. . .

The doll's name is Shashi-Mi which is remarkably close to the nickname I use for my own little "Sashimi." Most impressive was the doll was Asian-looking, but with light eyes. Just like Sasha!

I have decided that we can overlook the punk look for the doll, but it's hard to miss the crop-top, the gold streaks in the hair, and the weird CRAB BRACELET. WTF?

The weirdest part about the Shashi-mi (even crazier than the orange crustacean accessory) is her choice to wear a diaper AND panties under her wrap-around shorts. Shashi-Mi is supplied to the BigK by a Spanish company so I can only assume that parents in Spain love baby undergarments.


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