Monday, April 14, 2008

Talking Backpacks and Singing Maps

"Hero, leader, problem solver"
Jimmy Carter?
Madeline Albright?
Billy Graham?

This morning, I was shocked to find that these words describe Dora the Explora.

As I am getting ready for work early in the am, I turn on NPR to get my daily dose of SERIOUS news. NPR and Makeup Application is part of my morning ritual. On a good day, I get up in time for Market Watch Morning Report and then follow it up with about 30 minutes of:

Middle East, Election, Middle East, Global Warming Alarmism, War in Iraq, Random local news, Midde East, etc.
(sometimes they switch-up the order for fun)

This morning, I'm applying my mascara when I hear the chilling musical intro:

"Dora, Dora, Dora the exPLORER!!!!! Who's that super-cool Exploradora?"

Aaahhhhh! Is there no escape!!!!???

The story goes on to explain the groundbreaking nature of a cartoon with a Latina tomboy and how kids learn great skills, and whatever, whatever, I've already forgotten. NPR can be quite random at times, but they're really running out of news when they can spend 7+ minutes on a little girl who has THE WORST BOWL CUT I'VE EVER SEEN.


Anna said...

I heard this one too! I don't know Dora personally, but she was YELLING at me in encouraging tones on NPR last week. Also, must be pointed out that, according to the NPR story...she never fails in her pursuits. Is that right?

Boom said...

No...Dora NEVER, EVER fails.

Though we may really ENJOY seeing her get squashed by the big red chicken just ONCE.

Perhaps a blow to the knee from the grumpy old troll?

But it never, ever will happen.

Boom said...

OOOh wait.

Maybe Boots and Dora drown in Tico's boat? In a horrifying and cruel twist of fate? Where the vengeful backpack LIES and SAYS she has a life jacket...but actually does NOT.

Yes, yes. I can hear the Nick, Jr. producers calling NOW to buy my script for the Dora finale.

Okay, I'm done. I swear. That was just such a delicious little fantasy...

Debo said...

I would actually prefer a celebrity Death Match between the Map and the Backpack.

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