Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break Sucks!

So my Spring Break was supposed to be a relaxing time where I didn't do any work and relaxed with my family and friends. Here's a brief rundown (for a quick-and-dirty take check out my twitter).

Friday--Bomb threat at school starts Spring Break with some much-needed excitement (dare I say, A Bang?). We all enjoy the sunshine in the Football Stadium while the police hunt down some idiot sophomore who forgot to finish his English essay.

Saturday--Monsoons, not indigenous to the Carolinas, lay waste to my weekend fun. Kids inside--no fun to be had.

Sunday--More rain, called to sub in the church toddler room, a nice afternoon movie with my friend Mandy. Maybe Spring Break will be fun after all!?

Monday--Rain! We had to cancel a playdate, but that's ok. We need to get ready for our weekend Beach Trip! (Cue ominous music here . . .)

Tuesday--We meet some friends for coffee in the morning. Alex does not take use of the facilities when given the opportunity and instead pees in his pants in the car. We follow-up with an inside playdate with friends that ends with Sasha whining and Alex popping our friend's beloved balloon on purpose. Sasha wakes up from her afternoon nap with a fever. So sad.

Wednesday--Sasha can't go to school, so we're going to get some girl time while Alex gets all the preschool babes to himself. I have to cancel my hair appointment, but that's ok--Mommy and Sasha time is always fun. Plus, it's so much easier running errands with one child instead of two.

Approximately 10 minutes before leaving for school, Alex says, "My tummy hurts" and pukes all over the kitchen. I make the heartbreaking decision to cancel our vacay plans. Alex is our early warning system. If he's sick on a Wednesday, Naoshi and/or I will also be sick by Thursday.

I think the puking has ended and drag our sorry asses to Target for some much needed supplies (carpet cleaner, for one). Alex pukes in the Cereal Aisle and Sasha cries "Awex threw up on my pink shoes. MY PINK SHOOOOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shopping trip ends in humiliation as we tell the manager he now has to disinfect the cart because Alex defiled it. Also, we smell like puke the rest of the day.

By that afternoon, I'm sick too. I beg Nu to come home early to help me, but he's already got the bug. The whole family goes to bed at 7pm.

Thursday--We call our families for moral support and they all make it clear they're not getting within 100 yards of us because we are diseased and gross. I don't blame them. We stay inside and watch Dora the Explora where our kids are transfixed by a little girl who yells in Spanish to inanimate objects who sing (ask me later about the "backpack" song).

Friday--Nu goes back to work and the kids are well enough to run errands and go to their own version of Disneyland--CHIK FIWAAAAY. We eat nuggets with our friends Jennifer and Andrew and feel a little bit better about our week.

Friday night, my parents de-quarantine us and graciously offer to babysit. We have a nice dinner out and meet Benanna for drinks. So much better!

Saturday--The Governor's Office of Drought Overreaction (directed by Debo) declares that 7 days of continuous rain over Spring Break officially ends the drought. Everyone can now flush their toilets as often as they wish.


Leslie Ruth Petree said...

Your daughter already understands the importance of a good shoe. You have taught her well, sensai...

Boom said...

I really thought I was the only one who noticed that DORA! YELLS!

I always imagine a 12-year-old girl being wheeled out of the recording studio with ice packs on her trachea.

Love the blog! I'm going to follow you on twitter, too!


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