Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am SO "A-Listy"

I don't consider The Hills to be a guilty pleasure because I don't feel guilty about it. I like to watch it and discuss it with my friends--most of whom are not between the target demographic of 15-19. I dedicate this post to Ben (of benanna fame) because he dares to DISDAIN those who wish to be culturally relevant.

I noticed this article online and found it worth sharing. Apparently, Heidi was invited to the White House Correspondence dinner (!) and declined through her puppet-master/boyfriend Spencer. Spencer was not offered 1st class tickets to accompany his tupperware girlfriend to the event. In his statement, he said the Correspondence Dinner was "not A-Listy" enough. My goal is to use that word in a sentence everyday this week. Who's with me?


Anna said...

Oh, god. I love the Hills. I don't care what Ben says.

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