Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Free Tibet

My brother, David A, lives in China. He should have his own blog of his various exploits around the globe. Each of his stories contain a few common elements:

1. He travels somewhere exotic like Myanmar or Mongolia.
2 He loses his camera, passport, jacket, and 2-3 pieces of luggage
3. A kind stranger helps find his belongings and invites him to dinner
4. He gets upgraded to 1st class on his way home.

David tells me that Blogspot is blocked in China because of controversial content. Free Tibet. Apparently the Chinese government monitors web content closely (Free Tibet) and will block internet access if he's found to be accessing objectionable sites. I love Richard Gere. Free Tibet. Free Tibet. Free Tibet.

I think David's luck is about to change.


Anna said...

ah, yes. the enchanted traveling adventures of David A. who will one day rule the world quite by accident.

Leslie Ruth Petree said...

Lisa and I were talking the other day, and she told me your observation regarding Sasha and her propensity for riling things up and then stepping back. Gee, I wonder who she got that from?

mulechicken said...

Debbie, where do you get your info from? Who's this alleged "David A" and why is he claiming to be me?

I've never been to Myanmar or Mongolia; I've only bee upgraded to first class once, and that was flying to NC from school back in 1998; and I've never lost my well...actually, ok, that checks out.

Get your facts straight!

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